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Shenzhen outdoor exhibition

  •      In order to promote the development of China's outdoor camping equipment industry, COSP2023 Shenzhen International Outdoor Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center on March 17-19, 2023.
         In recent years, outdoor camping has developed from a niche and professional activity to a nationwide leisure and entertainment activity, driving the outdoor camping industry to flourish. As a leading trade platform in China, COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Exhibition covers the full time, full season, full age and panoramic outdoor categories, as well as a one-stop, multi scene holiday play space, providing a platform for elites at all ends of the outdoor industry chain to directly target groups and attract media focus. Focusing on the theme of "leading a new way of life", this exhibition is committed to keeping people away from the noise of the outside world, resisting the pressure of competition, relieving their inner anxiety, and enjoying their own beautiful outdoor life!

    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shenzhen Council for the Promotion of International Trade
    Zhongzhan Shixin (Shenzhen) Exhibition Co., Ltd


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